2004 BCMFest Performers

Young Performer Showcase with The Berklee Celtic Club

Irish set dancing with Ger Cooney, Helen Kisiel, George Keith and Friends

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Sin E

BCMFest Dance Jam with Kieran Jordan

Scottish Ceilidh Dancing with Susie Petrov and Friends

Mary McEvilly & Martin Langer

Hanneke Cassel Band


Cara Frankowicz & Emerald Rae

Doug Lamey and Four on the Floor

Matt & Shannon Heaton with George Keith

Laurel Martin, Kathleen Guilday and Mark Simos

Singers in the Round with Kyte MacKillop, Mairin Ui Cheide, Robbie O'Connell and Laura Cortese

Local Hero

Ellery Klein & Flynn Cohen

Lissa Schneckenburger Band

"See You at the Hall: Historic Irish Dance Halls" with Susan Gedutis Lindsay

BCMFest Dance Showcase with Cape Breton Dance, Ger Cooney & The Burren Dancers, Cunniffe Academy of Irish Dance, Highland Dance Boston, Kieran Jordan Dancers

Tina Lech Group with Kieran Jordan

John Campbell & Peggy Morrison with Four on the Floor

Eric Merrill & The Western Star

Jeanne Morrill & Seth Connelly

John McGann & Flynn Cohen with Kieran Jordan

Randal Bays & Daithi Sproule

Joe Cormier & Janine Randall

Halali with Highland Dance Boston

Tommy McCarthy, Louise Costello and Friends with the Cunniffe Dancers

Aoife Clancy Band & Robbie O'Connell Band with Michael Boyle