Passim All Stars with Bill Staines, Mason Daring and Jeanie Stahl, Guy Van Duser and Billy Novick and Stuart Schulman

December 09, 2017 7PM
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Bill Staines' music is a slice of Americana, reflecting with the same ease his feelings about the prairie people of the Midwest or the adventurers of the Yukon, the on-the-road truckers, or the everyday workers that make up this land.


Film composer Mason Daring has explored many paths on the way to his current career -entertainment lawyer, folk singer, cabbie and truck driver, commercial director, and potential rock star among them. But his professional life has always returned to the world of music.


Jeanie Stahl is a master of ballads and hot jazzy torch songs who first attracted attention in a duo that she shared, in the late-1970s and early-80s, with Mason Daring. Besides collaborating on two albums, Stahl and Daring recorded Daring's soundtracks for several John Sayles-directed films. With the increase demand for Daring's time as a producer and soundtrack composer, Jeanie began to perform as a soloist in the early-1980s. Although she's turned the songs of such songwriters as Gordon Lightfoot, Robin Batteau and Randy Newman into heartfelt experiences, Stahl remains as effective singing jazz standards from the 1930s and 1940s.


Billy Novick & Guy Van Duser can create a pulse as driving as any big band. They have a musical telepathy and understanding that has been honed by more than twenty-five years of playing together, a rhythmic drive that doesn't quit and a thorough mastery of their instruments. Add to all of this their relaxed and engaging stage manner, and you will be treated to a joyously entertaining and musically enchanting show that, indeed, has already stood the test of time.


Stuart Schulman is equally at ease playing classical, pop, show tunes and, his favorite, the jazz violin. He has played with well-known performers such as Tom Rush. Jonathan Edwards, Bill Staines, and Kate and Ann McGariggle from Canada and recorded movie sound tracks.


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$25 / 23
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