Passim Monday Discovery Series w/ Monique Clare and Monica de Vitry, Jordan Rast, & Nina de Vitry

June 05, 2017 8PM

Monique Clare is a cello-weilding singer-songwriter, hailing from the foothills of Mount Coottha. Between a classical cello degree, a Gregorian Chant-infused upbringing, a Beyonce obsession and ongoing explorations into traditional folk from Scotland, Sweden, and the USA, her songs are a melting pot of eclectic influences. This year sees her embarking on a solo project, after years of playing in various folk bands including The Mulberry Collective, Maja and Rhiannon & Monique.


Jordan Rast is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Lancaster, PA. In his music, he grounds catchy melodies in a folky, old time base. The main goal of his work is to make people sing along. His new album, "Cowboy Money," is due out June 19, 2015. 

Jordan Rast’s music provides a fresh perspective on popular melody, utilizing strong influences from bluegrass and old time music to craft something new. In a unique, folk baritone, Jordan asks the audience to join him in an authentic sing-along to the dark, yet hopeful things that make us human. His new album “Cowboy Money” is due out June 19, 2015 and is being recorded in The Sugartank ( at Tellus360 in Lancaster, PA.



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