Early American Shape-Note Singing with Tim Eriksen

Starts: 09/07/2013
Saturday 1PM - 3PM
1 Session
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$35 / 30

Learn to sing shape-note music in a workshop taught by one of the most acclaimed singing instructors, whose students have ranged from inner-city kindergarteners to Nicole Kidman and Jude Law in the film "Cold Mountain." Shape-note singing is one of America’s most vital homegrown musical practices, and its repertoire ranges from "Amazing Grace" to the toe-tapping "fuging tunes" of early New England, all harmonized for four-part social singing and written in a unique and practical notation system. This workshop, addressed to absolute beginners and more experienced singers alike, begins with the basics of the human voice and group singing and includes an introduction to reading shape-note music, notes on important aspects of traditional practice and lots of full-on singing. No prior experience required.

$35 / 30
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