Find Your Voice! Improvising Bluegrass Guitar with Stash Wyslouch

Starts: 12/15/2012
Saturday 3:30PM - 5:30PM
1 Session
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$35 / 30

This workshop will focus on the concept of Bluegrass Flatpick Guitar. This style is relatively new in the spectrum of traditional American music and is most easily described as playing melodies and variations, much like a fiddle player would do, on the guitar. The goal of the workshop is to find ways to expand on improvisation and repertoire in the idiom of bluegrass and old-time music using different concepts and ideas. Through learning some of these concepts we will try to unlock our own unique musical voice through traditional material and get better and more creative at practicing and playing with other people.


Knowledge of open chords is required (G,C,D,E,A).

Basic ability to play single-note melodies on guitar (electric or acoustic)
Ability to read tablature 

Stash Wyslouch is an experienced performer and teacher. A recent graduate of the Berklee College of Music (2010), he’s played guitar for over half of his life and currently tours full time with The Deadly Gentlemen, an up and coming progressive Bluegrass band.

Stash started the guitar to emulate his rock and heavy metal heroes growing up but soon grew a taste for the tones and textures of traditional American music. Stash’s unique guitar style links his electrified roots with the high octane sounds of bluegrass heard in the likes of The Stanley Brothers, Doc Watson and Bill Monroe.

Since he started playing Bluegrass, Stash has played in many different stringband formations including “The Earth Stringband” which was sent in the fall of 2011 to tour Southeast Asia on behalf of the State Department teaching and performing traditional American music.

A teacher for the past 6 years, Stash has developed a style of teaching adaptable to all types of students from all sorts of backgrounds, commanding knowledge in many different styles. He is both patient and encouraging, nurturing the unique qualities anybody can bring to a musical situation. 

$35 / 30
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